Client Testimonials

Sir Kensington’s
Louise Hearn, Office Manager & Culture Maven

“We are over-the-moon happy with our experience with the Captain401 team. We started using Captain401 at the end of May, and the transition was incredibly seamless. Our account manager walked us through the entire process. As part of the onboarding, she created a deck that explained how a 401(k) works. She presented it to our team and held an info session to answer any questions we had. It’s one of the few systems in our office that I don’t have to check in on a weekly basis to ensure it’s working properly.”

Adam Spector, Co-founder and Head of Business

“I can’t say enough good things about Captain401. For LiftIgniter, the cost of adding a traditional 401(k) was prohibitive (in $ and time) but we wanted to have it as a benefit to the employees, and it’s helpful for recruiting. The site itself is incredibly easy to use and on top of that, it ties nicely with all the payroll services we use so everything is seamless. The 401(k) investment choices are also low-cost, which is rare, but it’s a benefit that smart employees notice.”

Zachary Rosner, Head of People Operations

“We set up our company’s first-ever 401(k) with Captain401. It was so easy for our team members, which was our biggest concern going in. Captain401 even provided me with a presentation template so I could walk our whole company through the basics not just of their platform, but a 401(k) overall. It was amazing. We couldn’t have done it without them, and now people are raving about our benefits. Win!”

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