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Startup Founders’ Early Stage HR Roles and Responsibilities

When you’re the founder of a startup, you wear a variety of hats to become whoever you need to be at any given moment: sales rep, copywriter, engineer, customer support, bathroom cleaner – and that’s on top of the “typical” leadership work of building a product, securing funding, and devising a go-to-market strategy. Often, your… Read More

Unlimited Paid Time Off for Startups: Pros and Cons

Many early-stage startups offer unlimited paid time off as a benefit. There’s a lot to recommend unlimited PTO: It shows trust in your employees and lowers administrative burdens. On the other hand, employees can very easily take too much (or too little) time off. So does unlimited vacation actually work for startups? We’ll break down… Read More

Money Management for Startup Employees

When you’re working at a startup, it’s pretty easy for money to take a backseat to more pressing priorities like putting in a 12-hour workday, maintaining your personal life, and has it really been a month since you’ve done laundry? But with the uncertainty of startup employment, the accounting quagmire of exercising options, and the… Read More

Employee Benefits Survey Template for Small Businesses and Startups

You know what your business can afford when it comes to benefits. But, do you know if you’re spending money on the benefits that your employees want? The truth is you won’t have a solid understanding about what employees value the most about the benefits you offer unless you ask them. Furthermore, you won’t know… Read More

Startup Equity Basics: What to Ask About Your Stock Before You Accept

So you’ve gotten an offer from an up-and-coming startup, and as part of your compensation package, you’re getting company stock on top of your salary. Congratulations! Before you get too starry-eyed, though, you’ll want to evaluate your offer carefully to make sure you’re not counting your chickens well before they hatch. You should be able… Read More

33 Questions to Help You Evaluate a Startup Job Offer

Joining the startup world is an exciting proposition – you can grow a company from the ground up, and if things go well, you may find yourself in possession of some pretty valuable stock and a great job. However, high reward is usually accompanied by high risk, and this is no exception. If you sign… Read More

HR Challenges for Startups

“Every company has a culture, whether you design it or not; whether you articulate the values or not,” says Robert Siegel, venture capitalist and lecturer in organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. “That’s why the best companies have HR as an executive position and a seat at the table,” Siegel goes on… Read More

Startup HR Checklist

How should you think about HR for your startup? It’s about creating HR plans, policies, and processes that meet short-term needs and budgets while taking into account long-term risks and goals. Startups rarely have dedicated HR staff, and often one person who may or may not have experience in HR handles hiring, payroll, benefits, grievances,… Read More

Pros and Cons of 401(k)s for Startups

Imagine you’re in on the ground floor of the next Google or Facebook. Who needs a 401(k) when you’re going to be a billionaire, or at least a multi-millionaire soon? If this is what you’re thinking, you may want to reconsider. As the following graphic illustrates, startups have a high failure rate. Startup Success Rates… Read More

Silicon Valley is Growing Up: How Startup HR is Changing

If you look at Mark Zuckerberg as an example, Silicon Valley’s employees are growing up. Zuckerberg was a mere twenty years old when the Facebook office opened in Palo Alto, CA. He’s now married, 32 years old, and recently became a father. Chances are, Zuckerberg (and his peers) are no longer talking about “the simple… Read More

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