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What You Need to Know About the IRS Annual 401(k) Audit Requirement

The word audit can evoke a slew of emotions: dread, fear, concern, just to name a few. But when it comes to audits of your company 401(k) plan, you can avoid some of those worries with just a little bit of preparation and support. Understand your obligation: does your 401(k) need an external audit? First,… Read More

[Whitepaper] Innovations in HR Technology: Employee Benefits and More

At Captain401, we know that the 401(k) industry and employee benefits in general are well overdue for a tech rehaul. In an age where you can pay for groceries with your phone and split bills virtually with your friends, it feels like technology has yet to reach certain industries — and it’s usually the ones… Read More

Small Business HR Checklist

In the midst of launching a new business, first-time small business owners might be tempted to postpone developing a human resource plan until they have a significant number of employees. Unfortunately, delayed decisions in this important area may eventually lead to serious issues. We’ve created this HR checklist specifically to help small business owners get… Read More

Featured 401(k) Client: How Tegu is Changing the World One Toy at a Time

Who and what is Tegu? Tegu: The first four letters in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, have come to stand for much more than just the city the toy innovators at Tegu (pronounced: TAY-goo) call home. It’s become a word overflowing with meaning and memories; a word that stands for the love poured into… Read More

FSA vs HSA: Which Plan is Better For You and Your Company?

At the top of the list of the most requested benefits by employees is the ability to cover health care costs. More and more employers are making available Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts to their employees to help them budget for medical expenses. This article is for employees who have the option… Read More

Online 401(k) Plans: The Benefits for Employees and Employers

Some providers are still using archaic, paper-based methods for administering 401(k) plans. But today’s investors, especially younger employees, are less likely to engage with a plan or consider it a worthwhile employer benefit if they can’t enroll in a plan, receive financial education, and monitor their investments online. Top 401(k) providers are embracing innovation in… Read More

6 Reasons to Update the Way Your Physical Therapy Practice Does Documentation

This article is from our friends at WebPT, written by Kylie McKee. Enjoy! Remember your first cell phone? If it was anything like mine, it was a near-indestructible brick with few features outside of making phone calls and beating the highest score in “Snake.” The earliest generations of mobile phones were revolutionary for their time—and… Read More

Retirement Plan Laws: The Connecticut Retirement Security Program (CRSP) for Small Businesses

Following the actions of other State governments, including those of Illinois, California, and Oregon, the State of Connecticut enacted the Connecticut Retirement Security Programin 2016 to address the retirement savings challenge of workers in Connecticut. The State Comptroller has estimated that nearly 600,000 workers in Connecticut lack access to a workplace retirement plan. In this… Read More

The Most Requested Employee Benefits at Small Businesses

About 3 million American workers voluntarily quit their jobs their month, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you were quick to say that they left because they didn’t get a pay raise, you would be surprised that nearly four in five U.S. employees would prefer a new or additional benefits to… Read More

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