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How to Choose Appointment Reminder Software for Your Small Business

Missed appointments are costly for any small service-focused business: no-shows and last-minute cancellations mean lost revenue from the missed appointment, plus the opportunity cost of appointments that could have been booked in that slot. Those surprise gaps schedule also increase administrative overhead with follow-up calls and rebooking. And missed appointments aren’t a rarity, either. According… Read More

SHRM vs. HRCI Certification Comparison

SHRM and HRCI Certification Basics If you’re an HR professional in a small business, or an office administrator covering HR duties, you might be asking yourself if you should apply for your HR certification. Or, if you’re an HR professional who is considering making a move to a new organization, chances are you see HR… Read More

What’s in a Name: HR, People Operations, or Team Culture?

We received a question from a reader that we want to explore here on the Captain401 blog. HR has fallen out of vogue in terms of titles for millennials and in Silicon Valley; even people whose jobs are truly Human Resources based prefer to call themselves “People Operations” or “Team Culture” professionals. Why is this?… Read More

Setting Up a Commuter Benefits Plan for a Small Business

Commuter benefits – an employer-provided method for employees to pay bus fare, parking and other transit expenses using pre-tax dollars – are a win-win-win: employees save money, employers have a benefit to advertise on job listings, and the environment benefits from fewer cars on the road. But are commuter benefits worthwhile for a resource-constrained startup?… Read More

Payroll Regulations Under ERISA

HR and benefits professionals talk a lot about the importance of employees contributing to their 401(k) plan. But the employer plays a significant role in an employee’s retirement plan by depositing those contributions into the 401(k) plan on time. Included in the fiduciary responsibilities set by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)… Read More

The 10 Best HR Resources and Websites

To support your strategic HR goals for 2017 (and to help prevent information overload), we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best HR Resources and Websites to help you meet your people and HR needs in the New Year. If you like to hold HR information in your hands, as well as view it online… Read More

Retirement Plan Laws in Oregon: The Basics of OregonSaves 2017

In response to the pending retirement crisis, many state governments are looking to launch a state-sponsored retirement savings plan as early as 2017. Currently leading the pack are the Illinois and Oregon, which have scheduled the launch of the nation’s first state-sponsored retirement plans on June 1, 2017 and July 1, 2017, respectively. In this… Read More

How to Survive (and Thrive) as an HR Department of One

Many HR professionals – especially those at startups and small businesses – are not only generalists, but HR departments of one, managing everything from onboarding to open enrollment to termination. Whether you’re a lone COO, People Operations Manager, or HR Specialist, if you’re the lone member of your company’s HR department, you must be all… Read More

Employee Benefits Survey Template for Small Businesses and Startups

You know what your business can afford when it comes to benefits. But, do you know if you’re spending money on the benefits that your employees want? The truth is you won’t have a solid understanding about what employees value the most about the benefits you offer unless you ask them. Furthermore, you won’t know… Read More

Small Business B Corp Basics: Requirements & Costs

Doing good can be good for business, and more than ever your customers expect your small business to pay as much attention to its social responsibilities and environmental impact as to sales and profits. The idea that businesses can be agents for positive change was the spark behind the founding of the Ohio nonprofit, B… Read More

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