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Small Business Vacation Policies

Time-off “ranks near the top of employees’ preferences even above cash bonuses, modest raises, and future career advancement,” according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Knowing that time off is something employees seek, it’s surprising to learn that research from Project Time Off indicates that employees left a total of 658 million vacation… Read More

How to Change Your 401(k) Provider

You knew to recruit top talent, you needed to have a competitive benefits package—including a 401(k) plan—to offer employees. So you put one in place. But after a few years, you’ve realized it may not be the right plan. Maybe it’s the high fees. Or, the lack of support and customer service. Or poor performance… Read More

How To Choose the Best Expense Tracking Software for Your Small Business

The right expense tracking software will make it easier for your small business to save time and money by streamlining how you keep tabs on your money. Expenses you can track, like business meals, travel, entertainment, mileage and miscellaneous supplies, fall under operating expenses. These kinds of variable operating expenses, unlike fixed costs like rent,… Read More

Independent Contractor vs. Employee Checklist for Small Businesses

Are your trying to understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? More small businesses are getting caught up in the tangle of information available on whether or not they can classify a worker as an independent contractor or whether the person is legally an employee. It’s not always clear. California state regulators… Read More

Payroll Taxes for Small Businesses: The Basics

As the owner of a small business, it’s important that you know about payroll taxes and whether or not you owe any. The penalties for not paying, or even paying late, can be severe. If your business has employees, you, as a business, are responsible for collecting and paying payroll taxes based on their wages…. Read More

Self-service Employee Benefit Platforms

We’re on tablets, smartphones, and computers for a large part of each day. Information is instantly available when we need it, thanks to easily searchable websites, databases, and online guides. In addition to their non-work online interests, employees have come to expect that they’ll be able to access information online for most everything including their… Read More

Small Business Tax-deductible Charitable Donations

Your small business can trim its income tax bill by taking tax deductions for charitable donations of everything from old inventory to extra office supplies to cash as long as you make sure to follow a few rules. First, make sure you will be allowed to take a tax deduction for your charitable donations. To… Read More

Tips for Simplifying Payroll Processing

This article is from our friends at Red Wing Software. Processing payroll can be a time-consuming and complex process for any business, and can be especially difficult for a business that continues to grow. Growth of a company typically means more benefits, multiple state payrolls, additional pay methods (e.g. hourly, salaried, overtime, etc.), more complex… Read More

Higher Minimum Wage Laws and New Overtime Rules for Small Businesses in 2017

Small business owners face higher labor costs in the cities and states where new minimum wage laws go into effect starting January 1, 2017, often the first of what will be a string of small hikes over several years that many businesses are unsure how they will cover. Adding to the anxiety is the uncertainty… Read More

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