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Friendly advice about savings, retirement, and investments

Personal Finance: Savings, Retirement, and Investments

11 Best Personal Finance Books, Tools, and Videos

Scientist and author Francis Bacon said it best, “Knowledge is power”. Whether you’re looking to prevent lifestyle creep with smart budgeting or evaluating who to hire as your financial advisor, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions related to personal finance when you have the right information available. Let’s review 11 key resources that… Read More

How to Budget Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Carryover

Now that the beginning of the year is here, individuals who religiously contributed to their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans need to take steps to prevent losing the hard-earned dollars on their plans. Even if you or your spouse forgot about the December 31 deadline to spend your health FSA monies, there may still be… Read More

What is This 12b-1 Fee in My 401(k)?

If you haven’t heard of a 12b-1 fee and just discovered it in your 401(k) charges, you’re not alone. This charge, which earns mutual funds $10 billion a year, is often tucked away into a fund’s prospectus. 12b-1 fees are often used to cover marketing materials and commissions to brokers who peddle the fund. In… Read More

Millennial’s Guide to Personal Finance for 2017

By Andrew Rombach, via our friends at LendEDU. When you hear stories about the state of a millennial’s finances, they’re often tales of doom and gloom. That’s because millennials are often struggling with student loans or with unemployment and under-employment. These are significant challenges, but they can be conquered with strong commitments to making small financial… Read More

Why You Should File Your Taxes Early

If you think waiting until the very last day to file taxes is fine, think again! From forcing yourself to unncessarily live with less money throughout the year to having to dole out a large lump-sum in case of a tax liability, there are several reasons why you should file your taxes early. Reason #1:… Read More

How to Calculate Your Retirement Age

Deciding when to retire is more complicated than you might think. There are many factors that go into this major life transition. This step-by-step approach will guide you to a best retirement age estimate. Start with these questions: How much are you currently spending? How much will you spend in retirement? What will your Social… Read More

How to Merge Your Finances With Your Partner’s

So you and your partner hit all the major relationship milestones – met the families, been plus-ones at weddings, survived a joint trip to IKEA – and you’re ready to take the next step: merging your money. Talking about finances is never easy, even for couples that have been together for decades, and that first… Read More

Why You Need to Invest Aggressively in Your Twenties

Millennials are way too conservative (well, financially speaking, at least). According to a 2016 Wall Street Journal analysis, twentysomethings’ most common money mistake is investing too conservatively, putting too much money into cash and bonds and not enough into equities. It’s understandable – between coming of age during the Great Recession, graduating into anemic job… Read More

Should You Really “Invest in What You Know”?

Peter Lynch headed Fidelity’s Magellan Fund for 13 years, turning $18 million in assets to over $14 billion and ensuring his place in the pantheon of wealth managers who achieved consistently extraordinary returns. With a gift for writing, Lynch penned several bestselling books, including including One Up on Wall Street, Beating the Street, and Learn… Read More

How to Ask Your Manager or Boss About a 401(k) for Your Company

If you’re an employee working in a small to medium-size business, you may look at your peers in larger corporations with envy when it comes to all the benefits and perks their employers provide. It’s true—those organizations are in a better position to offer appealing benefits, given their larger budgets. However, smaller businesses—thanks to their… Read More

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